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Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and direction that benefits the quality of the scientific research carried out at the Princess Máxima Center. Integrating care and research means that the scientific research results can be directly applied to the treatment of childhood cancer patients.   

The Board advises the Board of Directors of the Princess Máxima Center on setting up the research program, the infrastructure, and strategic partnerships for research. The Scientific Advisory Board also coordinates so-called "site visits," during which independent international researchers will assess the scientific work carried out at the Center. Over time, the Scientific Advisory Board will also advise the Executive Board on the appointment of a Chief Scientific Officer for the Princess Máxima Center.   

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of associate members who have been asked to join on the basis of their exceptional knowledge and expertise in pediatric oncology and oncology research. The broad range of members safeguards the many different components of the research, the international cooperation, and the research coordination at the Princess Máxima Center.    

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Princess Máxima Center consists of the following distinguished members:   


Prof. Bill Evans

Prof. S. Pfister (DE) 
Prof. K. Pritchard-Jones (GB) 
Prof. S. Armstrong (US) 
Prof. M. Hudson (US) 
Prof. A. Kazak (US) 
Prof. H. Ploegh (US) 
Prof. H. Newell (GB) 
Prof. R. Medema (NL) 
Prof. A. Eggermont (FR)

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