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Our research groups

Intensifying research on childhood cancer is important for achieving the objectives of the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and for providing the highest level of care. Scientific research is crucial to increasing children's chances of survival and to decreasing the late effects of treatment. For these reasons, the Princess Máxima Center will bring together the best possible care and scientific research under a single roof. Consequently, both disciplines will strengthen each other for the benefit of children with cancer, now and in the future. Our ambition is to be the leading scientific research institute for pediatric oncology in Europe. The focus is on both basic laboratory-based research and on applied clinical and psychosocial research. Untill the opening of our new building we are situated on one floor in the Hubrecht Institute, which is located in the Utrecht Science Park "The Uithof".

Hans Clevers is the scientific director of the institute and Laurens van der Flier is the director of research operations. Presently there are 19 research groups, with a total of about 200 employees. In the coming years, we expect to grow to at least 30 research groups.

Our current research groups are:

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