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Shared care

The Princess Máxima Center works closely with the regional hospitals and with the university medical centers (the so-called shared care hospitals). Diagnosis and tumor staging, drawing up cancer treatment plans and providing the complex parts of treatment are all being done at the Princess Máxima Center. The complex parts of treatment include intensive chemotherapy with care for complications, operations, radiation, bone marrow transplantations and experimental chemotherapy. Less complex aspects of treatment, such as the simpler components of chemotherapy, will take place at shared-care hospitals across the Netherlands under the supervision of the Princess Máxima Center. These hospitals are often situated closer to the children's residences, so they can continue to live their lives as normally as possible. The goal is for parents and children to be able to reach a shared-care hospital within 45 minutes or less. The Princess Máxima Center is always in charge and makes clear agreements about which care will be given in what location.  

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