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Our care for childeren

The construction of our center is a real transition and unique for pediatric oncology. The way we treat childhood cancer is fundamentally different compared to other organizations. By combining research and care, we will be able to heal more children in the future. That is our mission! We will achieve this in a groundbreaking way and with a passion to do the very best for children with cancer and the people around them. The Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology provides the best care possible for children with cancer and their families. Our goal is to offer them the highest possible cure rate with minimal side effects during and after treatment. By combining care, research, education and training, we improve survival rates and the quality of life for children with cancer. The care is focused on the patients and their families, and particularly on the patient's development.

Family-oriented care

At the Princess Máxima Center, expertise for each type of cancer will be pooled into one department. The whole treatment for a child will be provided in this ward (clinic, day treatment, outpatient clinic) with one central check-in area. This allows us to organize the care around the child in an efficient manner; doctors and nurses, as well as pedagogical staff and psychologists, work closely with each other and with parents and children. Less complex care be given in a number of hospitals throughout the Netherlands under the direction of the Princess Máxima Center.

Treatment in our Center

The Princess Máxima Center began treating the first group of childhood cancer patients, namely children with solid tumors in the abdomen or chest, in October 2014. This care is provided in our own wards within the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ) in Utrecht. Pediatric oncological care is also provided to all patients in the Central Netherlands region.

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