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The Princess Máxima Center is fully specialized in pediatric oncology. We are passionate about treating and curing children with cancer using the best possible methods. And we also want to prevent the development of negative side effects in young patients, both now and over the long term. Children with cancer and their parents can be confident that we have the best people, care, knowledge, and research. And we provide all of this in a safe environment that optimizes the development of children. At our Center, children, their development, and their families are the main priority of the best experts. We train passionate top talents. And the brightest researchers are working every day to improve the care and treatment. This is the only way that we can ensure that, in the future, at least nine out of ten children will recover from cancer under the best possible conditions.

"Every two days a child still dies from cancer in the Netherlands. And only three out of four children survive cancer. The treatment still causes many negative side effects. This must be and can be done better. That is why parents of patients and leading pediatric oncologists are joining forces at the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology."

Currently, 75 percent of the children diagnosed with cancer survive. This percentage has hardly increased over the past decade. The target level outlined by the Princess Máxima Center is therefore very high. We want to cure as many children with cancer as possible and as quickly as possible, while maintaining their quality of life so that they can find their place in society easily possible. We have translated these ambitions into the following mission:

The Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology wants to cure every child with cancer, and to provide them optimum quality of life.

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